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Queue | Review videos and more in real time
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Upload a video file or URL to Queue to enable real-time commenting and markups. Share the URL and review it together.

Review anything you want
You can upload just about anything you wanna review. Whether that's a video file or a game that you want to review live with your teammates.
Review more than just files
Queue even lets you review things on your computer using a high performance screen sharing with remote capabilities.

Faster live feedback

You can have your team or client give feedback on your files live or on their free time.

Time stamped comments
Anyone with your video link can leave time stamped comments so you don't get confused on what they're referring to.
Give visual feedback
Draw on the video directly and leave precise feedback on what you're thinking.

Designed for high performance teams

You got the feedback you needed 60% faster and now you can get back to doing what you do best.

Version control and management
Keep your file versions organized with version control so you can always check previous changes.
Plugins & Integrations
Using plugins and integrations, you can take review anything from videos you upload to a game on your computer.
Use cases

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No more dropbox links, email threads, and confusing feedback

"Once we started using Queue, we realized we were just moving a lot faster than before. Things got done faster. Revisions released faster. Just faster overall."

Video editor for The Walking Dead - AMC

"With the whole covid-19 situation, we've been working from home. We're really glad that Queue reached out to us to make sure we can release content faster for all our gamers to view."

Content creator for Overwatch - Blizzard Entertainment
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